The History of the Concord Baptist Association

Did you know that 25 delegates from eight churches established the Concord Baptist Association in 1823?

Did you know that in 1865 Big Lick Church was the largest church in the Association with 322 members? Mt. Pleasant was next with 233 members. The churches with the smallest memberships were First Baptist Church, Jefferson City with 20 members, and First Baptist Church, California, with 19 members.

Did you know Concord Baptist Association was named for Concord Baptist Church located near current Bunceton? Concord Church was the first church south of the Missouri River and west of St. Louis.

You probably did not know that in 1843, Sardis Church (Elston) led the Association in baptisms with 98. There were 712 baptisms reported in the Association that year.

Did you hear about the accidental dunking of a man during a baptizing in a local stream? Well, it wasn’t really accidental, but it certainly disrupted the baptismal service.

Did you know that two men served as the pastor of five churches at the same time? During the 1940s, R.L. Hood and Ivan Dameron were pastors of five churches at the same time.

From an Ozark stateman: “God made Missouri. Then he knew he couldn’t do no better. So, he just settled down. In the Ozarks, I think. I don’t know where them Baptists come from.” (page 37, A History of Concord Baptist Association).

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