Concord Baptist Association is composed of 45 individual churches and missions in central Missouri. Established in 1823 the association of churches continues to be committed as a family of churches under the Lordship of Christ to serve and support one another in Christian love. We are devoted to each other’s spiritual health and with a Kingdom vision cooperatively seek to fulfill the God-given mission to make disciples of all nations.

In order to fulfill this commitment Concord Baptist Association holds to the following guiding principles:
  1. To maintain a biblically-based purpose and remain “Kingdom-centered.” Jesus Christ must be the head of the association just as he is head of the church.
  2. To Minister to churches’ specific needs in order to help them be better equipped and healthy “Great Commission” churches. The association has no ministry apart from the churches.
  3. To be a “mission base” to the area that we cover using Acts 1:8 as a guide. The association should promote a kingdom vision for reaching the area. It should also keep the churches informed about community growth, unreached groups, and ministry opportunities. The association promotes cooperation by providing an avenue for joint mission and evangelism projects.
  4. To promote trust and accountability among the churches and church leaders. As an association of churches we are committed to pray, encourage, and support one another in the Lord’s work.
  5. To help develop leaders. Leadership seminars or study groups for pastors and staff will help them refine their leadership skills. Church member leadership training should also be provided from time to time as required by the churches.